Homemade Vanilla Extract

I love homemade gifts.
I think there is something so sweet about making something for someone.
It makes you feel very special.
I was thinking of some homemade gifts I could make for Christmas.
I was thinking of gifts that were nice, but wouldn’t break the bank.
When I made my Lemoncello and gave it away for Christmas, it was not cheap.
The most expensive cost was the pretty decorative jars that I put them in.
I decided I wanted to make vanilla extract.
I got my vanilla from here
I ordered one pound and when it came in the mail a week later, I had over 100 vanilla pods in my hand.
The smell of vanilla is intoxicating!
After I got my vanilla beans in the mail, I planned to go to the liquor store, then my local craft store to get some fancy jars.
While I was at the Liquor store, I spied a 200 ml bottle of vodka.
Eureka I thought!
What if I used the bottle the vodka came in?
So that is exactly what I did.
This is how I did it.
Peace be with you,