Gingerbread Men

Today I was going to impress you with my collection of different cake pans.
I had a rough draft all made up and ready when I realized that several of them were out on loan. So no pictures could get taken.  I scratched that idea and realized that things happen for a reason. They always do.
The way I figure it, my cake pan story is not ready to be told.It is not meant to be at the moment anyway.That is not to say that I wont tell the story, just not on this post.No sir, this post is all about gingerbread, weather it be in a regular cake pan or my cute little gingerbread cakelette  pan that I got from William Sonoma. This cake is full of molasses and ginger flavor. It is just in time for the holidays.All you need is a glass of milk to wash it down.

Peace be with you,Veronica