Honey Lime Chicken and SRC

Well, it is that time again, time for The Secret Recipe Club.  This time I got Plain Chicken . It is Steph’s blog. She is an accountant by day. A blogger extraordinaire by night, and an occasional weekend. I love this site. I just couldn’t pick what to feature. I love Meow Monday and Football Friday. I made the Honey Lime Chicken  and my family loved it.

In fact, I never got to take a picture of it the first time I made it. It was gone that quick. So I had to make it twice. I didn’t grill it like in her recipe. I baked it. It is a bit to cold here in Virginia to do any grilling right now. I also used not only the breasts of the chicken, but all the other parts as well.

I also decided to make her Lemon Pound Cake. In my zeal to get the cake in the oven, I used baking soda instead of baking powder in the dry ingredients. I realized my error as I was putting the dry ingredients in, so I just added baking powder to it.

It was a bad idea.

It was a very bad idea.
The cake erupted like a slow moving volcano, down the side of my bundt pan and stopped at the bottom of my oven.
Where it made my whole house smoke.
Where it burned in the bottom of my oven.
So I had to clean my oven.
I cleaned the oven and made the Lemon Pound Cake again.
This time I added the right ingredients.
The batter looked great!
When I released it from the pan it came out like this.

That is what I get for not greasing my pan.
Even though the cake looked ugly, man did it taste good!
It had just the right amount of lemony goodness.
So when life gives you lemons make Lemon Pound Cake.

Peace be with you,