I made cheesecake the other day. It has been a while since I made it.
My daughter requested it. She recently graduated from St. Pius X Catholic School. She is now off to high school. My monkey girl sure is growing up fast.
For her 8th grade graduation, she didn’t want a store bought cake.Nope, she wanted mommy to make her a homemade cheesecake.
So when I made this, the direction didn’t require a water bath.
So, to make a long story short, it cracked.
I don’t mean it cracked a little,
 I mean San Andreas fault cracked.
So I thought about putting a topping on it to hide it. Nope, monkey girl does not like toppings on her cheesecake. What monkey girl does like is chocolate. So in the freezer was a half open bag of white chocolate. I melted it with some cream.You know, to make a ganache.
 I poured it over the top and it covered the cracks.
It was so good, I think I may make it like this from now on, with or without the cracks.

Peace be with you,