Going to The Dogs!

Recently, well maybe like a month ago, I was looking in foodbuzz.

I came across a wonderful post from Baking Serendipity: Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats.
 So, I decided I would make them for my little hound Meeka.

She is a rescue dog and has issues, most are very cute. Like the time she buried a piece of garlic bread in my sofa cushions, which she took from the garbage, I might add.

Other times, when she dug up my vegetable garden just after planting was something I could do without.

I found these cookie cutters, one shaped like a doggie bone, and the other a fire hydrant. I decided to use them for my recipe.

I have a plethera of cookie cutters. See!

But I digress.

I mixed my two bananas

I added my flour.

Mixed in my oats and peanut butter. It was a bit dry, so I added a little bit of water. Sorry Sarah, I didn’t have parsley. I guess Meeka will have peanut butter breath from now on.

 I rolled out my dough and used my cookie cutters to make the biscuits.

I baked them for 40 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

Meeka thinks they were delish!