Monkey Bread

I think everyone has eaten at least once in their life monkey bread or pull apart bread. I made this a few weeks ago. It is very easy to make and is a great addition to any breakfast or Brunch. It also seems to disappear fast, so I guess they like it.  When I make this, I think of a very silly nickname I called my daughter many years ago. I used to call my daughter monkey girl when she was little. I am not sure why I used to call her that, There are only two reasons I can think of. One is when she was born she was the most hairiest child ever. She looked like a little monkey. She was one of the cutest little monkeys you ever seen. She lost the hair about a month later, but I guess the name kinda stuck to her. The second reason I am thinking, is when she was little and didn’t want me to leave her, she would hold on to my leg for dear life. I think we refereed to it as a monkey grip. So I tell her every time I make this, “money bread for my little monkey girl”. See, I bet y’all are laughing about me calling Chrissee monkey girl.
Peace be with you,